Shahraj a newcomer among contemporary Indian tantric painters, belongs to Kerala a state described as 'gods own country' and is well-known in india for tantra and black magic, a branch of tantra. He now lives in his own little hamlet in Palakkad district close to the border of the state of Tamilnadu.

Though his mother tongue is Malayalam the language of Kerala, he had his education through Tamil medium in the border region of Tamilnadu. Educated only upto the school final year, even from a very young age he had talent and interest in painting. So he worked as a commercial artist in Coimbatore for a few years drawing advertisement boards. At the same time he was active as a tamil litterateur. He became a recognized short story writer in literary and popular magazines. A writer who has won various prizes and awards for his short stories, he gained recognition among contemporary litterateurs as an anti-poet also. Apart from these occasionally he wrote articles on art and literature and literary reviews. In addition he drew modern drawings / paintings in a few little magazines and in the books of co-litterateurs. He is a multi dimentional creator whose opinions, poetries and paintings create controversies in the circles of those magazines.

From the begining of this millennium he has given up commercial painting and has become active as a full time litterateur. Spiritualism and music are his other interests. As a result of his grate interest particularly in tantra he was fully involved in metaphysical studies and the creation of tantra paintings since 2010. Though born in a family traditionally engaged in performing pujas Shahraj abandon his faith in god when he was thirteen. An adherent of Osho's philosophy 'There is no god but only godliness', his recent tantric quests have made possible new discloses into the grate truths of Hinduism. His modern tantric paintings are drawn to reveal them. A mixture of various fields including spiritualism, science, psychology, theosaphy and black magic and a combination of creative methods like realism, magical realism and hyper fiction, these modern and post modern tantric paintings are a fusion of Indian tradition and European modernism.

This website is primarily meant for the contemporary modern tantric paintings and the articles of Shahraj. In addition, some of his selected anti-poetries and tantric poetries also find a place for your viewing. Very soon he is going to conduct a one man show of his modern tantric paintings in Coimbatore.