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Manganese sulfate monohydrate


Molecular formula: MnSO4·H2
Properties: light rose-red fine crystals, easily soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol.
Index :


Manganese sulfate (MnSO4  )

Manganese (Mn)

Arsenic (As)

Lead (Pb)






Uses: 1.Agricultural uses: Important trace manganese fertilizer, used as base fertilizer, seed soaking, seed dressing, top dressing and foliar spraying. Used as feed additives in animal husbandry and feed industry.
2.Industrial uses:  Mainly acting as a drier for inks, paints, catalysts for the synthesis of fatty acids, manufacturing manganese compounds, electrolysis of metal manganese and dyeing of manganese oxide, dyeing, printing, ceramic coatings, pharmaceutical industry, etc. 
Packing: laminating plastic woven bag, lined with plastic film bag, net weight 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg per bag, export products according to commodity inspection or foreign merchant's requirements. 

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